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Meet the Chef

Mr. Greens is owned and managed by its founder and name sake, Thomas E. Green Jr. Mr. Green possesses the requisite management skills and experience to successfully run this operation. He is an entrepreneurial minded individual who has had a lifetime passion for cooking. Mr. Green excels at establishing positive rapport and long term relationships with customers which is essential in the hospitality industry.  Learning alongside his father, he has been cooking since the age of ten years old. Thomas born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, 2212 N. 22nd St 53206. If you ever watched the 53206 Milwaukee Documentary movie you will see that Thomas Green Jr is not apart of the 62 percentage that is imprisoned or apart of the casualty murders. But he survived it and is here today to let the World know that there is a path to greatness even if your surroundings does not seem bright.

Watching his Father cook for so many years out of fourteen of his friends their were only two that had a father present in their home. Thomas watched his father cook on the front porch of their home many days and it was never really just for his family alone but for who ever wanted to partake in the community. It was at the age of fourteen when Thomas watched his Father and three of his uncles barbecue on the west side of Chicago to raise money for his grandparents home; at this time they only allowed Thomas to cut the cake unfortunately. Becoming a pitmaster became a goal  for Thomas to begin his quest of making  food his tool for bringing communities together. Seeing positive moments through barbecue Thomas has realized the impact that is made on family and communities. Thomas wants his last name memorable in the State of Wisconsin and the city of Milwaukee and eventually across the U.S. His drive and goals are the following; create great tasting food, affect people lives and create great community.